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Thank you for visiting LikeSweden.com! I’m Karolina and with Tomas are we a creative couple with a business based in Sweden.

Our mission is to connect expats and share our love for all things Swedish. Here, you will find insider tips on Swedish culture, food, and travel, as well as practical advice for navigating life in Sweden. Whether you’re planning a visit or are a long-time resident, we hope to inspire you to explore this beautiful country with us.

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Business and personal summary of 2021

By Karolina 9 Min Read

Like last year, I decided to prepare a summary of the passing year. It will be about professional and personal matters, in a slightly different…

About alcohol in Sweden – history of Systembolaget

By Karolina 19 Min Read

Many of you coming to Sweden may experience initial shock when you step by first store and can't find any alcoholic beverages with more than…

Hotel C – Amazing dog-friendly stay in central Stockholm

We spent our Easter in Stockholm, exploring the city and checking how dog-friendly is Swedish capital. First thing to check was how conveniently we can…

Let’s go to loppis – place where old finds its new life

By Karolina 9 Min Read

If I have to name one, very Scandinavian thing, I'm sure one of my top 5 things would be loppis. Today I'm taking you to…

The world’s simplest (non-diet) apple pie

By Karolina 3 Min Read

This apple pie is one of my signature dishes. I saw it once on IG Stories of SiostryADIHD, there I found out that the recipe…


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Choosing business types in Sweden – short guide to different legal forms

Choosing from business types in Sweden from all offered options is a challenge. Each legal form comes with its own advantages and disadvantages. This decision…

By Karolina 7 Min Read
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Southern Sweden


5 places worth visiting in Jönköping and surroundings

Jönköping - the partner city of Gorzów Wielkopolski and the hometown of Agnetha Fältskog from the ABBA. One of the…

By Karolina 8 Min Read



If steaks, then only here – Whiskey in the Jar in Wrocław

One of my culinary dreams was to try a steak served on a lava stone one day. During our last…

By Karolina 6 Min Read

My recipes


Pumpkin & Cheese creamy pasta

By Karolina 2 Min Read

I'm not a huge pumpkin fan but recently I couldn't resist those beautiful pumpkins looking at me and screaming "buy me!". I thought it would…