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Thank you for visiting LikeSweden.com! I’m Karolina and with Tomas are we a creative couple with a business based in Sweden.

Our mission is to connect expats and share our love for all things Swedish. Here, you will find insider tips on Swedish culture, food, and travel, as well as practical advice for navigating life in Sweden. Whether you’re planning a visit or are a long-time resident, we hope to inspire you to explore this beautiful country with us.

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Luciadagen in Sweden – st. Lucia’s Day celebration (2021)

By Karolina 6 Min Read

Every year on December 13, Sweden (and not only) celebrates St. Lucia, here called Luciadagen, Lussedagen or simply Lucia. It is one of the holidays

5 methods to learn Swedish while living in Sweden

By Karolina 7 Min Read

We cannot always prepare ourselves very well for emigration. Sometimes such plans are realized quite spontaneously and then you have to deal with it. Among

24 thoughts after 24 months of living in Sweden

By Karolina 22 Min Read

Today is our second anniversary of living in Sweden together. Two years ago we came to this country along with a trunk packed fully with

How do I get from Stansted and Luton Airport to central London?

By Karolina 12 Min Read

What I miss the most these days is traveling - I especially love London. For the needs of all those who (like me) are planning

Secluded beach on Laholmsbukten – Mellbystrand

By Karolina 5 Min Read

Today I invite all lovers of sunbathing to our favorite sandy beach so far. We are going to the town of Mellbystrand in the Halland


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Glad Nationaldagen, Sverige! – Swedish National Day

Today, the 6th of June, we are celebrating Swedish National Day. This year is unique because we have the 500th anniversary of the day when

By Karolina 3 Min Read
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Southern Sweden


The Boathouse – Delicious food by the Båstad Marina

If you are traveling around Laholm, Mellbystrand and visiting the north-west coasts of Skåne, Båstad is also worth stopping by.

By Karolina 5 Min Read



Easy and delicious breakfast buns recipe

By Tomas 3 Min Read

Today I want to share with you a quick and easy recipe for delicious breakfast buns. Homemade wheat buns are perfect for a lazy weekend


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Glad Nationaldagen, Sverige! – Swedish National Day

Today, the 6th of June, we are celebrating Swedish National Day. This year is unique

By Karolina 3 Min Read

Pizzeria Gusto – Great pizza in central Ystad

Finding a good place to eat can be challenging, but don't worry - I'm here

4.6 out of 5

A guide to choosing the perfect camera for your trip (to Sweden)

A trip to Sweden is not only an unforgettable cultural experience but also a perfect

By Tomas 6 Min Read

Sweden at Eurovision Song Contest: a brief story of success

Sweden is one of the most successful countries in the Eurovision Song Contest. This makes

By Karolina 9 Min Read

From Sweden with Love: 8 Eurovision songs written by Swedes for other countries

Swedish input on Eurovision is much bigger than you may think. Sweden not only presents

By Karolina 4 Min Read

A fascinating history of Sweden’s Melodifestivalen: From ABBA to Eurovision Glory

May is a crazy month for all Eurovision fans. I thought it was a great

By Karolina 17 Min Read
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