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Thank you for visiting LikeSweden.com! I’m Karolina and with Tomas are we a creative couple with a business based in Sweden.

Our mission is to connect expats and share our love for all things Swedish. Here, you will find insider tips on Swedish culture, food, and travel, as well as practical advice for navigating life in Sweden. Whether you’re planning a visit or are a long-time resident, we hope to inspire you to explore this beautiful country with us.

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Smålandet – amazing moose safari in Markaryd

By Karolina 8 Min Read

Moose Safari - this point on the Markaryd map caught our attention as soon as we started looking for an apartment in this place. We

COVID-19 in Sweden – the latest restrictions [January 2023]

By Karolina 10 Min Read

Below is the latest information on the COVID-19 in Sweden. Here you'll find the latest data on restrictions, entry restrictions and recommendations to follow in

The world’s simplest (non-diet) apple pie

By Karolina 3 Min Read

This apple pie is one of my signature dishes. I saw it once on IG Stories of SiostryADIHD, there I found out that the recipe

The Boathouse – Delicious food by the Båstad Marina

By Karolina 5 Min Read

If you are traveling around Laholm, Mellbystrand and visiting the north-west coasts of Skåne, Båstad is also worth stopping by. I associate this town with

Kullabergs Naturreservat – practical information

By Karolina 11 Min Read

Kullaberg was no stranger to me (I had the opportunity to go to Kullens Fyr once). However, only this year we went exploring the surrounding


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Luciadagen 2024 in Malmö

Do you want to experience the magic of Luciadagen, the festival of light and hope in Sweden? Then you should watch this video from Malmö,

By Karolina 5 Min Read
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Southern Sweden


Fulltofta Naturreservat: A Paradise for Nature Lovers and Hikers

Fulltofta Naturreservat is a large nature reserve and recreation area located east of Ringsjön Lake in Skåne, Sweden. It covers

By Karolina 5 Min Read



Pumpkin & Cheese creamy pasta

By Karolina 2 Min Read

I'm not a huge pumpkin fan but recently I couldn't resist those beautiful pumpkins looking at me and screaming "buy me!". I thought it would


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The best semla in Malmö of 2024

Fettisdagen (Shrove Tuesday) is coming soon so we decided to try top3 cafes in Malmö

By Karolina 5 Min Read

Havshotellet – cozy stay in Malmö not only for the Valentine’s Day

Due to the upcoming Valentine's Day, we started to look for nice staycation options for

Christmas Market in Malmö 2023

Let's visit together Christmas Market at Stortorget in Malmö.

By Karolina 0 Min Read

Luciadagen 2024 in Malmö

Do you want to experience the magic of Luciadagen, the festival of light and hope

By Karolina 5 Min Read

Swedish banana curry pizza test

After surprising success of my Instagram Reel (almost 5M accounts reached and still counting), there

By Karolina 0 Min Read

Cats and Dogs in Sweden – 5 tips for pets owners

Many of us can't imagine life without cats and dogs. The same goes for people

By Karolina 5 Min Read
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