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COVID-19 in Sweden – the latest restrictions [January 2023]

By Karolina 10 Min Read

Below is the latest information on the COVID-19 in Sweden. Here you'll find the latest data on restrictions, entry restrictions and recommendations to follow in

Kävsjön Runt – on foot around Lake Kävsjön

By Karolina 6 Min Read

Kävsjön Runt is the second trail in the Store Mosse National Park that we have done in our lives. Although it is longer than Blådopet

How do people celebrate Easter in Sweden?

By Karolina 8 Min Read

This week is special for the Christian community - on Sunday we celebrate Easter. But do you know how people celebrate Easter in Sweden? Stay

5 methods to learn Swedish while living in Sweden

By Karolina 7 Min Read

We cannot always prepare ourselves very well for emigration. Sometimes such plans are realized quite spontaneously and then you have to deal with it. Among

Blådöpet Runt – a short hike through prairie landscapes

By Karolina 5 Min Read

Blådöpet Runt is the first trail in the Store Mosse National Park that we had the opportunity to hike. These were also the first landscapes


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Cats and Dogs in Sweden – 5 tips for pets owners

Many of us can't imagine life without cats and dogs. The same goes for people

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Fulltofta Naturreservat: A Paradise for Nature Lovers and Hikers

Fulltofta Naturreservat is a large nature reserve and recreation area located east of Ringsjön Lake

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7 unique and surprising things about Sweden

Sweden is a pretty specific country and many tourists and expats may be surprised about

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Traffic fines in Sweden [July 2023]

Speeding and other traffic violations happen occasionally but I don't recommend it, especially in Sweden.

By Karolina 4 Min Read

Pinchos – an unique chain restaurant in Sweden

It's time to tell you about one of my favourite places for a date or

4.2 out of 5

What is Swedish personnummer and why do you need it?

Welcome to Sweden, a beautiful country known for its stunning landscapes, rich history, and high

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