Markaryd - lakes around the town

Markaryd Hiking Trails: A Guide to Unforgettable Outdoor Experiences

Markaryd, a small town located right on the border of Skåne and Kronoberg, is a great base for walks or hiking. In the town itself, there are several walking trails of varying lengths and levels of difficulty, and for determined hikers, there are also long routes connecting Markaryd with neighbouring towns. In this post, I will introduce you to the most important trails in Markaryd that are suitable for family outings.

How to prepare for hiking in Markaryd?

All trails located in Markaryd are quite easy and not too long. Most of them you can finish within 1,5-2 hours. They partially run through residential areas on paved roads. The forest sections follow marked and relatively even paths, although there are occasional exceptions on small stretches. The inclines, if present, are not very steep and will be easy to overcome, even for children and older adults. It’s worth bringing along provisions for a picnic—many trails have designated spots where you can sit comfortably and even light a grill if you bring your own fuel.

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Getesjörundan is a 5-kilometer trail that we walked most often because it was located right next to our apartment. We started our hikes at the Sjötorpet campsite. The trail then leads through single-family housing estates, forests, and hills, occasionally offering views of the lake. The final section is lit, and from the forest, we emerge onto the main road of Markaryd, which we can take back to the town center.

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Nestled in the southwestern part of Markaryd, a captivating network of hiking trails beckons adventurers of all levels. Encircling a serene complex of lakes, these trails offer a delightful escape into nature’s embrace. The varied lengths of the trails cater to every whim and time constraint, allowing you to tailor your exploration to suit your mood and available moments.

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Spångenrundan is the longest trail among this group. It is a loop leading around a lake complex in the southwestern part of Markaryd, mostly through the forest. The final section emerges onto the main road near the church and returns to the town through residential areas. The trail length is approximately 6.5 km.

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The trail, measuring 2.7 km in length, largely overlaps with Hälsans Sting and Spångenrundan. It circles Lake Byasjön and then returns to the town, passing through the residential roads of housing districts. It’s perfect for a quick walk when time is short or the weather is about to turn bad.

Markaryd - lakes around the town


The shortest trail is only 1.3 km long. Along the way, there is a wind shelter and a spot for a campfire or grill. It is located near Skomakaregölen, Klockaregölen, Lillån, and Klocksjön. On one of the forest sections, it intersects with Hälsans Sting.

Hälsans stig

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Hälsans Stig, meaning “Health Trail,” is a short walking path inspired by the Irish Heart Foundation’s health trails. In Markaryd, it was created in collaboration with Hjärt- och Lungsjukas Riksförbund (the National Association for Heart and Lung Diseases). The 4km trail offers a diverse experience, winding its way through serene lakes, lush forests, and the tranquil residential streets of Markaryd. For those seeking an extra challenge, an outdoor gym is located near Hotel Ekebacken, providing an opportunity to break a sweat amidst the scenic surroundings. The trail is clearly marked with special signage bearing its name, ensuring you won’t stray from the designated path.


The walking trails located in Markaryd are perfect for quick, 1-2 hour walks. Due to their short length, low level of difficulty, and incredibly picturesque landscapes, they are a great idea for spending family time despite your age. Ready to hit the road?

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