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Cats and Dogs in Sweden – 5 tips for pets owners

Many of us can't imagine life without cats and dogs. The same goes for people

By Karolina 5 Min Read

Fulltofta Naturreservat: A Paradise for Nature Lovers and Hikers

Fulltofta Naturreservat is a large nature reserve and recreation area located east of Ringsjön Lake

By Karolina 5 Min Read

Pumpkin & Cheese creamy pasta

I'm not a huge pumpkin fan but recently I couldn't resist those beautiful pumpkins looking

By Karolina 2 Min Read

7 unique and surprising things about Sweden

Sweden is a pretty specific country and many tourists and expats may be surprised about

By Karolina 6 Min Read

Traffic fines in Sweden [July 2023]

Speeding and other traffic violations happen occasionally but I don't recommend it, especially in Sweden.

By Karolina 4 Min Read

Pinchos – an unique chain restaurant in Sweden

It's time to tell you about one of my favourite places for a date or

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