Karolina Pikus is a passionate content creator, born in 1995 and currently living in Malmö, Sweden. She is the proud owner of Pikus.IT, a boutique creative agency that keeps her busy when she's not writing about her love for everything Swedish. With an insatiable curiosity for Swedish culture, Karolina enjoys exploring and sharing her discoveries with others through her blog.
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Kindle 10 Touch – review. Which e-book reader to choose?

I have loved books ever since I learned to read (actually I…

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Are studies useful in business? 5 things that I took from the university and use in the company.

There was a moment when I considered studies and higher education to…

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Our favorite breakfast – instant sweet waffles

We have two breakfasts that we always choose when we have more…

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How does WizzDiscount Club work and is it worth it?

Until now, I rarely chose WizzAir as my carrier - I flew…

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How do I get from Stansted and Luton Airport to central London?

What I miss the most these days is traveling - I especially…

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By car to Sweden – overland travel

We invite you for a joint journey from Wrocław to Swedish Malmö.…

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