Life in Sweden

Life in Sweden is unique in many ways, offering a distinct blend of tradition and modernity that is hard to find elsewhere. From the cosmopolitan cities like Stockholm and Göteborg to the quaint towns and villages that dot the countryside, Sweden is a land of contrasts that never ceases to amaze.

One of the defining features of life in Sweden is the strong emphasis on work-life balance. With generous vacation time, parental leave, and flexible working hours, Swedes have more time to pursue their passions and spend time with family and friends. This commitment to work-life balance is reflected in everything from the outdoor lifestyle and love of nature to the thriving arts and culture scene that is an integral part of Swedish life. Whether you’re a local or an expat, Sweden offers a high quality of life that is hard to beat.

Valborg: Experience exhilarating bonfires, songs, and spring festivities

By Karolina 5 Min Read

The last day of April is in Sweden celebrated as Valborg. Where this custom comes from and how the Valborg celebration looks like? Stay with

A fascinating history of Sweden’s Melodifestivalen: From ABBA to Eurovision Glory

By Karolina 17 Min Read

May is a crazy month for all Eurovision fans. I thought it was a great opportunity to tell you more about Melodifestivalen - a competition

From Sweden with Love: 8 Eurovision songs written by Swedes for other countries

By Karolina 4 Min Read

Swedish input on Eurovision is much bigger than you may think. Sweden not only presents successful songs during its own performances (more about Swedish Melodifestivalen

Sweden at Eurovision Song Contest: a brief story of success

By Karolina 9 Min Read

Sweden is one of the most successful countries in the Eurovision Song Contest. This makes the competition one of the most interesting events of the

Luciadagen in Sweden – st. Lucia’s Day celebration (2021)

By Karolina 6 Min Read

Every year on December 13, Sweden (and not only) celebrates St. Lucia, here called Luciadagen, Lussedagen or simply Lucia. It is one of the holidays


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Valborg: Experience exhilarating bonfires, songs, and spring festivities

The last day of April is in Sweden celebrated as Valborg. Where this custom comes

By Karolina 5 Min Read

24 thoughts after 24 months of living in Sweden

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How do people celebrate Easter in Sweden?

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Let’s go to loppis – place where old finds its new life

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Fettisdagen – Fat Tuesday, the equivalent of Fat Thursday in Sweden

Today in Poland we celebrate the feast of all gourmands - Fat Thursday. Before you

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